Our History

Note From Pastor and First Lady

"...This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but my spirit, saith the Lord of host."

​                 - Zechariah 4:6 KJV

Solid Rock United Church held its first service on December 30, 2007. The journey to that faithful day started from the beautiful country of Jamaica to the state of New York in August 1989, and then continued to Florida in June 2003. Pastor Logan Morris and First Lady Carlene Morris left New York with the blessing and mandate of Bishop Arthur E. Morris (deceased) and Evangelist Elizabeth Morris to establish a work for the Lord. They were pressed by the Holy Spirit to move out of their comfort zone so that God could begin to process and prepare them for a new and challenging task. They engaged into a year of waiting, fasting, prayer and seeking the clear will and guidance of the Lord. They sought guidance regarding of where they should establish this new ministry. The Lord revealed to them that they should start a ministry in Oviedo, Florida. Pastor Morris and First Lady then began to seek a physical site to which they would hold services. While looking to occupy space from one of the schools in the area, they began to make enquires with Jackson Heights Middle School being one of the choices. Not being particularly keen on the location of Jackson Heights Middle School, they pressed forward with seeking space from the newer and more prominent schools in Oviedo.

Alas, one must learn to follow God’s instruction. Every school they were interested in had no available space.  Relentlessly, there was no choice but to turn back to Jackson Heights, God’s choice.  Not surprisingly they had availability and Lady Morris met with the school administrators. As it turned out, the Drama Theater which was the most suitable of all choices was vacated by prior occupants just two weeks prior to their meeting. God is truly the master planner that we all must follow throughout our lives.            

Solid Rock United Church first service was a success. There were more than forty persons in attendance, majority being friends and relatives of Lady Morris. However, they knew that the next Sunday would reveal a much clearer picture of what the true core of the church would be. Wholeheartedly, the belief that God will add to His ministry for those whom He ordained is embraced. Prayer and fasting opened the doors to broken and wounded hearts and broke chains of bondage, while teaching and preaching established a framework for a house that the Holy Spirit filled.  Social gatherings provided the earthly context in which relations grew stronger and were fostered.

There were those who had no church home and were out wondering before they found our doors. Some had visions and asked the Lord to lead them to a church home and the Lord obliged with what appears to be “chance meetings”. Others who had never experienced the apostolic move of God answered His call to turn their lives over to Him, and thus the church grew.

Members here at Solid Rock are from different places, experiences, and backgrounds.  Some are older with much wisdom which we draw from. The middle aged came with much strength and understanding prepared for heavy lifting required to build a new church. Then the young in body and mind also came with not quite enough wisdom or a clear sense of place, yet bursting with youthful energy, much exuberance and zest for life.

During the birth of this church, there were no musicians, just a rusty pastor and two young men who were inexperienced of any musical instrument. There was no choir or praise team but the church worshiped with songs and hymns.  There was no praise dance team but when the Spirit came down, the church danced as one. There was no baptism pool but God provided the vast ocean and indoor heated pools when needed.

Today we are greater in number and stronger in the spirit then when we started. We give God All-Mighty the glory and praise because He has given us the increase.